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Bay Scaffolding is your one-stop shop for a complete range of construction support services. Let us help you navigate your project with confidence and efficiency.

Bay Scaffolding - Scaffolding.jpg


For safe access


  • Stair towers, access platforms, handrails

  • Diverse and adaptable solutions

  • Designed to your specific requirements

Bay Scaffolding - Formwork.jpg


For maximum productivity


  • Modern, safe, lightweight and easy to use

  • Crane-independent where practicable

  • Full design and engineering services

Bay Scaffolding - Propping.jpg


For maximum loading


  • High capacity, accurate and durable

  • Flexible for any shoring, falsework or propping

  • Efficient labour and transport

Bay Scaffolding - Staging.jpg


Flexible solutions


  • Highly configurable and scalable solution

  • Ability to erect almost anywhere, any size

Bay Scaffolding - Shrink Wrapping.jpg

Shrink Wrapping

The complete protection solution


  • Weather protection from all the elements

  • Customised methods, complex and any size

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